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The Chesney Archives is pleased to provide reproductions of archival materials and to assist you in obtaining permission to use these reproductions in publications and other projects.

Intellectual Property

The Chesney Archives requires that archival patrons comply with intellectual property laws that apply to the archival materials that they intend to employ. For more information about how intellectual property rights apply to research and use of the Chesney Archives’ collections, visit our Intellectual Property page.


Processing time for standard photocopying and digitization requests is 2-3 weeks. Expedited and Rush services are also available for additional fees. Processing time for reproductions of audio recordings, film and video footage, and artifact photography will be determined when requests are submitted. Please note that reproductions of some materials may be restricted by law.

Review our Fees page for information about fees for reproductions and permissions.

Licensing & Permissions

Many of the materials in the archives may be made available for use in publication, broadcast, or other media. Their use is licensed and they remain the physical property of the archives and the intellectual property of the copyright holder. The Johns Hopkins University and The Johns Hopkins Health System hold intellectual property rights to most, but not all, materials in the archives. Some materials held by the archives may be under the copyright of external copyright holders and protected by the intellectual property laws of the United States and the Berne Convention. In these cases, our staff will assist you with identifying and contacting known and potential copyright holders for permission.

Application Forms

For more information about our copyright policies, see Intellectual Property. Refer to the individual licensing applications for a full explanation of the terms under which we license archival materials.