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In 1986, the board of trustees of The Johns Hopkins Hospital incorporated The Johns Hopkins Health System (JHHS), a not-for-profit organization that functions as the parent holding company for The Johns Hopkins Hospital and its affiliate hospitals. Robert M. Heyssel, president of the hospital, led the initiative to form this new corporate entity. He served as the founding president of JHHS from 1986 until his retirement in 1992. He had the prescience to recognize the need for major organizational change amidst sweeping national reforms to reduce costs for provision of health care services. The paramount goal was securing fiscal stability so that Johns Hopkins could maintain its mission as a teaching hospital and as a provider of affordable care to underserved populations. Read More >

During the early 1980s, the steep rise in costs for hospital services resulted in a move for greater cost-effectiveness. Managed care plans, such as health maintenance organizations, evolved out of the pressure to reduce costs of healthcare delivery. Most impacted were teaching hospitals that provide medical education and research, treat the most severely ill patients, and care for low-income patients. Teaching hospitals had to seek innovative approaches to reduce costs while providing quality care. JHHS approached this challenge by cutting overall costs of health care management through consolidation of operations, reduction of redundancy, and increasing revenue for operations through expansion of services and the patient base.

JHHS now includes six hospitals and a large network of specialty services. The Johns Hopkins Hospital serves as the flagship of the group of hospitals that includes Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Howard County General Hospital, Suburban Hospital, Sibley Memorial Hospital, and Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. In addition, the JHHS has established Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, a physicians’ practice group with a large network of primary and multi-specialty clinics; Johns Hopkins Home Care Group, a full home care service; and Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC, with health coverage for Hopkins employees, military families, and recipients of publicly funded health care programs in Maryland. In 1996, the trustees of JHHS and the Johns Hopkins University formed Johns Hopkins Medicine to create a partnership with a blended governance structure comprising the JHHS and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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Records of The Johns Hopkins Health System

Records of the Johns Hopkins Health System document its founding, governance, and administration.

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