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Sound recordings include interviews, broadcast recordings, educational and research recordings, lectures and symposia, and recordings of other events at Johns Hopkins such as dedications, dinners, and ceremonies.

Major Sound Recording Collections

Department of Radiology

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Office of Communications

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions Recorded Sound Collection

Johns Hopkins Medicine Office of Marketing and Communications

Office of Cultural Affairs

Office of Continuing Medical Education


Personal Paper Collections with Sound Recordings

Alfred Blalock Collection

Ada Davis Collection

Neil Grauer Collection

Victor McKusick Collection

Helen Taussig Collection

Mame Warren Collection


Accessing the Collections

To search our online catalog for sound recordings across all collections, use the Type pull-down menu on the catalog search page to select Sound.  Items that are digitized and available online will include an embedded sound player in the catalog record.  To access sound recordings that are not available online, please make a request to arrange a research visit or to order digital transfers.  Sound recordings that include protected health information may require a privacy board waiver or individual authorization to access.  For more information on accessing materials with protected health information, review our privacy policies.