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Warde Baunton Allan was born in Nelson, British Columbia. He received his B.A. in 1923 and his M.D. in 1929, both from McGill University. After completing his internship in pathology and his residency at Montreal General Hospital, Allan came to Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1931 as an assistant resident. He joined the faculty of the school of medicine at the same time and began a long and distinguished teaching career. In 1950, he was promoted to associate professor. Allan taught many courses in physical diagnosis and directed the chest clinic at Johns Hopkins for much of his career. In 1958, he helped to develop a technique for diagnosing lung cancer by examining material from an induced cough. Allan published several papers on this and other related topics.

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The Warde Baunton Allan Collection spans much of his career at Johns Hopkins. It includes professional correspondence, administrative records, a small number of patient files, case histories, notes, and manuscripts. The collection is a resource for studying the history of the Johns Hopkins Chest Clinic.

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