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Richard W. TeLinde was born in Waupun, Wisconsin. He attended Hope College and the University of Wisconsin, receiving his A.B. from the latter in 1917. He started medical school at the University of Wisconsin but transferred to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he received his M.D. in 1920. TeLinde was an intern in medicine and an assistant resident and resident in gynecology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital until 1925, when he began a private practice in Baltimore which he maintained until 1972. In 1939, TeLinde was appointed professor of gynecology at Johns Hopkins. During his tenure he created a subsection of reproductive endocrinology within the department of gynecology and published over 100 articles, making major contributions to the study of granulosa cell tumors of the ovary. His text, Operative Gynecology, is still considered the definitive work in the field. TeLinde was among the first to recognize the value of estrogen in the management of gonococcal vaginitis and menopause.

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The Richard W. TeLinde Collection spans his entire career at Johns Hopkins. It consists primarily of certificates and photographs. The certificates document numerous international honors, including his election to membership in the Royal Society of Medicine in 1967. The collection also contains formal and informal photographs of TeLinde and his colleagues.

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