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Osborne O. Heard, a skilled pattern maker, was hired on June 1, 1914 by Franklin P. Mall, Director, Department of Embryology, and Carnegie Institute of Washington. Heard’s job title was modeler and he was responsible for making embryonic models from plaster of parris. A graduate of the Maryland Institute of Art and Design, Heard was very accomplished in the technical accuracy of 800 plus embryonic reconstructions made during his long career. Heard also worked with George Streeter in the specifications for the petrographic microscope later made by Bausch and Lomb. He retired from the Carnegie Institute in 1956 and during his long tenure contributed to ten scientific publications mostly related to embryology.

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The Osborne O. Heard collection consists of 105 glass slides of drawings made by Max Brodel, A. Horn and H. Becker. The collection is particularly strong in the presentation of Max Brodel’s work from 1894 to 1927. There are a few slides labeled Dr. Cullen and one slide labeled from Dr. Kelly’s Sanitarium.

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