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Max Bröedel was born in Leipzig, Germany, and attended the Leipzig Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Leipzig. He came to Johns Hopkins in 1894 to illustrate Howard Kelly’s book on operative gynecology. The book revolutionized the practice of gynecology and garnered international acclaim for Bröedel. His work led to the formation of the Art as Applied to Medicine program at Johns Hopkins in 1911, and he served as director of the program-turned-department from 1911 until his death in 1941. Bröedel also wrote articles such as A More Rational Method of Passing the Suture in Fixation of the Kidney, which describes the procedure that became known as the Bröedel suture.

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The Max Bröedel Collection contains a note by the artist as well as two prints of his drawing, “Society of Pithotomists.” Bröedel correspondence can be found in the Howard Atwood Kelly and Thomas Stephen Cullen Collections. A more extensive collection of the works of Max Bröedel is located in the Johns Hopkins Art as Applied to Medicine Department.

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