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Grace Elizabeth Rowe Edwards was born in 1883 in Frostburg, Maryland. From 1900 to 1906 she worked as a pharmacist’s assistant in Frostburg. She was a member of the Johns Hopkins Training School for Nurses graduating class of 1910. She married Webster K. Edwards in 1916.

Scope and Content

The Grace Rowe Edwards Collection consists of her student notebook. It contains lecture notes on various topics documents the curriculum at the Johns Hopkins Hospital Training School for Nurses. Topics of lecture notes include “Evolution”, “The Formation of Bone”, “Structures of the Glands in the Alimentary Canal”, “Hygiene of the Alimentary Canal”, “Internal Secretions”, “Blood”, “Menstruation”, “What Social Diseases Are from a Medical Standpoint”, and “The Nervous System” by Dr. Florence Sabin; “Pathology and Hygiene”, “Disinfectants and Germicides”, and “Personal Hygiene” by Dr. Mallery; “Medical Lectures”, “Thrombosis and Embolus”, “Ceribro Spinal Meningitis”, “Diseases of the Heart”, “Endocarditis”, “History Taking”, “Diseases of Respiratory Tract”, Diseases of the Lungs”, “Pneumonia”, “Tuberculosis”, “Tonsillitis”, “Diseases of the Stomach”, “Intestinal Diseases”, “Intestinal Obstruction”, “The Liver”, “Cirrhosis of the Liver”, “Pulse, Temperature, and Respiration”, “Specific infectious Diseases”, “Typhoid Fever”, “Para Typhoid”, “Protozoan Parasites”, “Smallpox”, “Scarlet fever and Measles”, and “Infectious Diseases” by Dr. Sladen; “Orthopedic Surgery”, “T.B. of the Joints”, “Scoliosis”, and “Flat Foot” by Dr. Kennnard; “Urinalysis” by Dr. Morris.

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