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Charles E. Simon was born in Baltimore. He received his A.B. in 1888 from Johns Hopkins University and his M.D. in 1890 from the University of Maryland. He was an assistant resident at the Johns Hopkins Hospital for one year, and in 1897 he opened the first diagnostic laboratory in Baltimore. From 1910 until 1920, Simon served on the faculty of the University of Maryland. In 1920 he was appointed lecturer in medical zoology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health. There he started the first known teaching program on filterable viruses in 1922 and compiled a large collection of virus specimens. He was later promoted to professor of filterable viruses. From the inception of the American Journal of Hygiene in 1921 to his death in 1927, Simon served as its managing editor.

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The Charles E. Simon Collection includes a typed manuscript regarding “Filterable Viruses,” written by Simon during 1926. There are also laboratory exercises and lecture notes from 1927. The collection contains several reprints by M. Lewis, H. Andervont, T. Rivers, and W. MacCallum. In addition, there are copies of Simon correspondence (1905-1924) from other archival repositories.

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