William H. Welch
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Group Portraits

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Group Portraits

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Welch with Dr. Christian Herter and S. D. Herter and poliomyelitis rabbit, at Charlton Hall, in 
Irvington-on-Hudson, New York, 1887

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Photographer unidentified

Daniel Coit Gilman, president of The Johns Hopkins University, with Welch and his other chief advisors from the early faculty. Seated, left to right: Basil Gildersleeve, Gilman, Ira Remsen. Standing, H. A. Rowland and Welch.

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Photograph by Jeffres, c.1901

Welch with the male members of the first graduating class of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 1897

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Seated front row: W. G. MacCallum, C. N. McBryde, W. S., Davis. Middle row: J.L. Nichols, J. F. Mitchell, R. P. Strong, W. H. Welch, L.P. Hamburger, I. P. Lyon, W. W. McCulloh. Back row: G. L. Hunner, E. L. Opie, C. R. Bardeen, F.A. Lupton, T. R. Brown, O. B. Pancoast, C. A. Penrose, L. W. Day. (The female members of the class are not present.)

"Some Welch Rabbits,"
drawing by Max Broedel, 1910.

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Within the sphere of Welch's influence "...grew up a band of devoted followers who received their inspiration from him and were prepared, when their time came, to carry elsewhere the spirit of his laboratory and the influence of his magnetic personality. These men were in truth his earliest disciples, and amongst them were some who were destined to leave their mark upon American medicine."

Alan M. Chesney. The Johns Hopkins Hospital and The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. A Chronicle. Volume 1. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1943


Pathology Staff, circa 1909-1910

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Photographer unidentified

Left to right: seated, M.C. Winternitz, W.H. Welch, G. H. Whipple. Standing, L. Selling, J. H. King, T. P. Sprunt, W. S. Thomas

Welch with Surgeon General H.S. Cumming, Wm. F. Snow, and F.F. Russell (taken in the Rouen Amphitheatre) Arles, France 1919

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Photograph by Laurence Pumpelly

Welch and other officials escorting Elizabeth, Queen of the Belgians during her tour of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, October 30, 1919

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Winford Smith, superintendent of the hospital, and Welch show Queen Elizabeth the outdoor bridges where patients were taken for fresh air.


All-American Conference on V.D. Control,
U.S. Public Health Service, November 28, 1920.

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"Copy by Ed Althausen"

Welch served as president for the All-America Conference on Venereal Diseases

Yale University, Class of 1870,
50th Anniversary, June 1920

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"Copy by Ed Althausen"

Welch with the Rockefeller Foundation China Medical Board, China, 1921

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Photographer unidentified

Welch on the far left, shares a light moment with John D. Rockefeller, center. (The other individuals are unidentified.)

Left to right: Paul G. Shipley, Nina Simmonds, Welch, Elmer V. McCollum, Baltimore, 1924

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Photograph by L.S. Fridericia, M.D.


Members of the International Congress of the History of Medicine

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Photographer unidentified

Taken on the steps of City Hall after reception by the Burgomaster of Leyden, July 18, 1927.
(See Welch note for details of individuals.)

Welch at the center of dais, at unidentified banquet, c. 1929

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Photographer unidentified

Welch and Baltimore Mayor, Howard Jackson collaborating on a (WBAL) radio broadcast, 1932

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Photographer unidentified


Mary Pickford, film star, poses with Welch, Hollywood, California, June 23, 1930.

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Photographer unidentified

While visiting California, Welch visited a shop serving as a relief fund for movie actresses, and attended a tea with Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.

President and Mrs. Herbert Hoover, and son Allan Hoover at the Capital Memorial Hall in Washington, D.C. where Welch was honored by the President on his 80th birthday.

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Henry Miller News Picture Service

View 2 features a smiling President.

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Welch with Harvey Cushing,
Bern, Switzerland, September 21, 1931

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Photographer unidentified