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A Selection of Vashti Bartlett's Siberian
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I returned to Vladivostok and came here
just in time to help with the Revolution. —V.B.

Unless otherwise noted, the italicized captions below are the (typed) captions from Vashti Bartlett's photograph album.

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Municipal Barracks at Tomsk taken over by the American Red Cross for housing refugees. Families are limited to a floor space of about eight feet square. To increase the number of inmates accomodated the high roofed barracks are divided in tiers.


Countess Tolstoi, Russian Red Cross [worker] who identified the remains of the Czar and Czarina, confirming the rumor of their execution in Ekaterinburg. She herself was condemned to death and was shot in the foot while making her escape.

Babuska [sic] (Catherine Breshkovsky) Grandmother of the Russian Revolution.
Photo taken at Vladivostok.

General Gaida, famous Czech officer who served in the Siberian Army and later led an insurrection at Vladivostok, Nov. 17-18, 1919.

Document Posted on the Bulletin Board of the American Red Cross, Nov. 19, 1919.

"Summary of Events of Attempted Revolution in Vladivostok.Page1, page 2

American gondola car converted into an armored car for special use of the Kolchak army, on the Trans-Siberian R.R.

Armored autos opposite house of General Rosonoff.

Siberian soldiers carrying soup kettle.

A memento from Russian travel.

Children In Transit

When the Bolshevik revolution began in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) some 1000 children were evacuated from that city. They were placed by their parents on the Trans-Siberian railroad in the hopes they would reach safety in Siberia. They traveled for two weeks, over 1500 miles, finally arriving at the terminus of the railway, in Vladivostok, where the Red Cross workers took them under their wing.

Diary entry, Dec. 8, 1919

Yesterday I went to Russian Island...the children gave a very creditable show and in the evening they danced the Russian dances...—V.B.

A hand-painted scene on the cover of a dance program given by the Petrograd Children's Colony, on Russian Island, December 7, 1919.

This elaborately costumed figure (rendered in watercolor), appears on a second program cover for the Petrograd Children's Colony's, the same performance as the one noted above, December 7, 1919.

From the American Red Cross newsletter (Feb. 1920): "We gave toys and presents to our own little protégées in the Petrograd Children's Colony on Russian Island."

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