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France and Belgium



Photographs and Other Documents
from France and Belgium

World War I


Red Cross units receive wounded at Pau, France.

Red Cross Ambulance.


Vashti is on the right.

Among Vashti Bartlett's papers is a 90-page songbook issued by U.S.War Department Commission on Training Camp Activities, 1918.

Song entries include national anthems of the United States, and our allies -- "God Save the King" (Great Britain), "La Marseillaise" (France), "The Garibaldi Hymn" (Italy), and "La Brabanconne" (Belgium). In addition to popular songs from home, are songs that became standards associated with the war, such as "Over There", "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp", and "Auld Lang Syne".


Captured German soldiers
PG: prisoner de guerre [prisoner of war].

Departure of French soldiers.


A bomb bursting over Belgian trenches at the front.—V.B.

Belgians entrenched near LaPanne.

Nurses on the balcony of the beach hotel
converted into a hospital at LaPanne, Belgium.

Belgian troops on the beach at LaPanne.

Vashti at LaPanne.



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