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Vashti Bartlett Traveled Briefly to China to
Assist With a Cholera Epidemic

"Cholera situation very serious. Spreading. High Authorities making plea after plea ... Quick action necessary to avoid serious results."

The dire situation in the Chinese city of Harbin which was flashed across the telegraph wires, prompted the nearest American Red Cross nurses and doctors stationed in Vladivostok, (Siberia) into action. Vashti Bartlett was among those responding. She spent several months assisting in Manchuria.

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Cholera patients waiting for admission to infusion room at the Anti-plague hospital in Harbin, Manchuria

Patient being transported to infusion room

Infusion room at Chinese hospital in full swing

Arrival of American Red Cross doctors, nurses and supplies, Harbin, August, 1919

In efforts to reduce the spread of disease the American Red Cross introduced the use of pits lined with lime to bury the many cholera victims

Dr. Wu Lien-teh of the North Manchurian Plague Prevention Service an expert on Asiatic cholera who organized efforts to fight the epidemic

"Group picture after luncheon given to American Red Cross, Russian and Chinese anti-cholera workers by Magistrate Chang,
Pingchiang, China, Sept.1919"—V.B.


Vashti is on the right

Vashti, on the road again.


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