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Vashti Bartlett: A Hopkins Nurse
On a Global Mission

An Exhibit of Selected Documents and
Images from the
Vasthi Bartlett Collection

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Johns Hopkins Hospital,
circa 1906

Bartlett (center) with colleagues in surgical ampitheatre at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Among many documents in the Vashti Bartlett Collection are class lecture notes. Here are two details (above and below) from Dr. Florence Sabin lectures to nursing students in 1903.




Bartlett's Nursing Education at
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Training School of Nurses


ashti Bartlett, class of 1906, embarked upon a nursing career which took her to distant corners of the world in periods of strife and crisis during the first quarter of the twentieth century. She was the hallmark of a Hopkins nurse well educated in the latest scientific advances, rigorously trained in nursing methodologies, and primed to assume a leadership role in the profession. Bartlett was bright, energetic, and full of enthusiasm. Firm of character and physically strong, she had the moral fiber to confront and deal with hardship and the stamina to carry out arduous assignments. As a young woman, the opportunity to study abroad had expanded her intellectual horizons and stimulated a lifelong interest in travel. Her language skills, particularly those in French, were a major asset. An abiding commitment to help the ill, injured, and dispossessed inspired her long and distinguished career.

Fellow graduates of the Johns Hopkins
Hospital Training School of Nurses
class of 1906

"An interesting experiment"
dealing with blood flow is included in Bartlett's class lecture notes of Dr. Florence Sabin's lectures. According to Bartlett's notes the experiment "proves the arm and legs grow larger during sleep."

Nursing pin presented to graduates of The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing

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