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Personal Paper Collections in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions:

Alfred Blalock Papers

Helen B. Taussig Papers

Vivien Thomas Papers

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Information about the Blue Baby Operation

"Something the Lord Made" A film produced by HBO (Home Box Office, Inc). From the HBO web site..."the story of two men - an ambitious white surgeon and a gifted black carpenter turned lab technician - who defied the racial strictures of the Jim Crow South and together pioneered the field of heart surgery."

"Partners of the Heart". A documentary film by Duke Media and Spark Media for PBS. From the PBS website..."In 1944, two men at Johns Hopkins University Hospital pioneered a groundbreaking procedure that would save thousands of so-called blue babies' lives. One of them, Alfred Blalock, was a prominent white surgeon. The other, Vivien Thomas, was an African American with a high school education. Partners of the Heart tells the inspiring, little-known story of their collaboration."

About Tetralogy of Fallot

MedlinePlus - Tetralogy of Fallot (National Library of Medicine) Information about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and other matters pertaining to this rare, but most common form of cyanotic congenital heart disease.

About Alfred Blalock

Alfred Blalock, MD (1925-1941). (The Annette and Irwin Eskind Biomedical Library, a unit of Vanderbilt University Medical Center.) A biographical sketch of Dr. Alfred Blalock, which details the higly productive time he spent at Vanderbilt University.

About Helen Taussig

Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating American Women Physician's. Dr. Helen Brooke Taussig (National Library of Medicine). Provides a brief biographical sketch of Dr. Taussig.

About Vivien Thomas

Vivien Thomas (1910-1985). (Vanderbilt University Medical Center.) A biographical sketch of Vivien Thomas and details about his collaborative research work at Vanderbilt University with Dr. Alfred Blalock which brought about a new understanding of traumatic shock.

About Congenital Heart Disease

The Congenital Heart Information Network. This a national organization that provides information, advocacy, support services, financial assistance and resources to families of children with congenital heart defects and acquired heart disease, and adults with congenital heart defects.

Cove Point/Johns Hopkins Children's Center Patient Education for Congenital Heart Disease An in-depth educational resource for patients with congenital heart disease and their families. It was developed under the medical direction of Allen D. Everett, MD and William D. Hammill, MD.

International Society for Adult Congenital Heart Disease The purpose of this society is to promote, maintain and pursue excellence in the care of adults with congenital heart disease and to advance knowledge and training in medical disciplines pertinent to adult congenital heart disease.

Congenital Heart Disease: A Public Health Perspective (Health Sciences & Human Services Library of the University of Maryland) This site seeks to provide an overview of public health perspectives to aid and stimulate multidisciplinary efforts toward the implementation of personal and public actions to fully realize the benefits of medical and surgical care for all patients with congenital heart disease.

About Heart Disease

The American Heart Association Web site . The American Heart Association is the nationís oldest, largest voluntary organization devoted to fighting cardiovascular diseases and stroke.



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