Series XIV:
Biographical Material collected by Dr. Simon Flexner

Note: This is really a collection within a collection, being items Dr. Simon Flexner gathered together for the biography "William Henry Welch and the Heroic Age of American Medicine", Flexner S, Flexner JT, New York. Viking Press, 1941

Sub-series XIV/A:
Condolences, obituaries after William Henry Welch's death, Apr 30 1934
File 163/1-3Death notices, condolences, obituaries
Folder 163/1Funeral notice - St. Paul's Church, Baltimore. — May 2 1934
Folder 163/2Minute - on death of Welch adopted by Johns Hopkins Trustees at meeting. — May 8 1934
Folder 163/3Bound program - Memorial meeting University Club, Baltimore: copy Corner 1920 portrait; addresses by Shriver, Ritchie, Finley, Flexner, Kingsbury, Garrison, Jackson, private printing by University Club 1935, meeting May 22 1934
File 163/4-22Condolences: letters and telegrams. — May 1934
Folder 163/4Berliner Medizinischen Gesellschaft, Prof. D. Adam
Folder 163/5-9Chesney, Allan Mason to: Kellogg, Mrs. F. S.; Kleine, F. K. of Robert Koch Institute Berlin; Neufeld, F.
Folder 163/10Columbia University, Dr. Frederick T. van Beuren
Folder 163/11George Washington University, President Cloyd H. Marvin
Folder 163/12London School Hygiene Tropical Medicine
Folder 163/13McGill University School Medicine, Dean C. S. Martin
Folder 163/14Medizingeschichtliches Institut Berlin
Folder 163/15New York Academy Medicine, President B. Sachs
Folder 163/16NY State Assoc Public Health Laboratories
Folder 163/17Physiological Society London, Prof. A. V. Hill
Folder 163/18Stengel, Alfred, University of Pennsylvania
Folder 163/19Sudhoff K. to F. H. Garrison
Folder 163/20TMs copies telegrams of condolence
Folder 163/21University California San Francisco, Dean L. Porter
Folder 163/22University of Philippines School Hygiene Public Health
File 163/23-56Obituary reprints
Folder 163/23Barker LF, William Henry Welch, Hygeia ? vol: 338-357. — Apr 1935
Folder 163/24Bayne Jones, S, William Henry Welch 1850-1934, J Bact 28:432-446. — Nov 1934
Folder 163/25Beers CW, William Henry Welch, Mental Hygiene 18:529-530. — Oct 1934
Folder 163/26-27Bernard L, Notice nécrologique sur M. W. H. Welch, associé étranger (Fr), Bull de l'Acad de Med 140:629- 632, May 1934; Le Dr. W. H. Welch, Bull Union Internat contre la Tuberculose (Fr), 11:220-225. — ? 1934
Folder 163/28Cushing, Harvey, The Doctors Welch of Norfolk, New Eng J Med 219:1132-1134. — May 1934
Folder 163/29-32Flexner S, Doctor William Henry Welch 1850-1934, Bull NY Acad Med 10:384-388, Jun 1934; William Henry Welch, Proc Am Philosoph Soc 75:325-331, 1935; William Henry Welch (1850-1934) Fellow in Class II, Section 4, 1897, Proc Am Acad Arts Sci 70:597-600, 1936; Dr. William H. Welch 1850-1934, Science 79: 529-533. — Jun 1934
Folder 163/33Ford WW, The public health work of Dr. William H. Welch in Maryland, JH Alumni Mag 25:97-115. — Jan 1937
Folder 163/34Francis WW, Dr. Welch, Canad Med Assoc J 31:81-83. — 1934
Folder 163/35Garrison FH, In memoriam William Henry Welch (1850-1934), Scient Monthly 38:579-582. — Jun 1934
Folder 163/36Kagan SR, Historical medicine. Dr. William Henry Welch (1850-1934), Med Record 147:267-270, 317-319. — 1938
Folder 163/37Kellogg, Charlotte, The beloved doctor. In memoriam: Dr. William H. Welch, poem (TMs), Atlantic Monthly. — Apr 1935
Folder 163/38Knopf SA, In memoriam: William H. Welch, Med Record. — 1934
Folder 163/39Loghem JJ van, In memoriam William Henry Welch (8 April 1850-30 April 1934), Ned T v G 78: 2524-2526 (Du). — Jun 1934
Folder 163/40-43MacCallum WG, William Henry Welch 1850-1934, Arch Path 17: 829-832, Jun 1934: In memoriam William Henry Welch 1850-1934, J Path Bact 39:536-540, 1934; Dr. Welch's history in a word: wisdom, Washington Post May 6 1934; Dr. Welch April 8 1850-April 30 1934, Bull JH Hosp 54:383-385. — Jun 1934
Folder 163/44MacCarty WC, Remarks in commemoration of Dr. William Henry Welch, Staff Meet Mayo Clin ?vol:577-581. — Sep 1934
Folder 163/45Milbank AG, William Henry Welch, Milbank Rev. — Jun 1935
Folder 163/46Muller F, Dr. William Henry Welch (Ger), Munch Med Woch 503: no. 25. — 1934
Folder 163/47Newsholme A, Personal reminiscences of William Henry Welch, J Royal San Inst 54:#12. — 1934
Folder 163/48Oliver JR, William Henry Welch: humanist, JH Alum Mag 23:107-121. — Jan 1935
Folder 163/49Opie EL, William Henry Welch, J Tech Meth Bull Internat Assoc Med Museums 14:5-8. — 1935
Folder 163/50Pratt JH, A tribute to Dr. William Henry Welch, New Eng J Med 210:1038-1040. — May 1934
Folder 163/51Riesman D, William Henry Welch, scientist and humanist, Scient Monthly 41:251-257. — Sep 1935
Folder 163/52Rolleston H, Obituary William Henry Welch, M.D., LL.D., Brit Med J p. 874 (also journal issue). — May 12 1934
Folder 163/53Ruggles AH, In memoriam. William Henry Welch 1850-1934, Am J Psych 91:480-482. — Sep 1934
Folder 163/54Shriver AJ, Opening address at memorial meeting University Club Baltimore (TMs, printed copy in f5). — May 22 1934
Folder 163/55Sigerist Henry E., William H. Welch, Bull Inst Hist Med 2:345- 346. — Aug 1934
Folder 163/56Viets HR, William Henry Welch 1850-1934, New Eng J Med 210: 1033-1034. — May 1934
File 163/57-70Editorials, unsigned tributes, alphabetically by journal
Folder 163/57Baltimore Health News, William Henry Welch. — Apr 1934
Folder 163/58Gardens Houses and People, A great soul passes. — May 1934
Folder 163/59JH Nurses Alumnae Mag, Dr. William Henry Welch. — Jul 1934
Folder 163/60JAMA, Deaths: William Henry Welch, 102: 1513. — May 1934
Folder 163/61Lancet, William Henry Welch..., p.978-9. — May 5 1934
Folder 163/62Magazine The Lure of the Litchfield Hills - The great Welch family of doctors (2 issues+copy) pp. 4-5, 16-25. — Aug 1934
Folder 163/63National Board Medical Examiners, William Henry Welch. — May 1934
Folder 163/64New Eng J Med, William Henry Welch (1850-1934), annotated by Flexner "Cushing of course". — May 1934
Folder 163/65NY State Dept Health Health News, Dean of American Medicine dies, 11:73. — May 1934
Folder 163/66NY State J Med, Lessons of a great career, 34:510-511. — Jun 1934
Folder 163/67Science News Letter, Dean of American medicine defined "New public health", 25:293. — May 1934
Folder 163/68Woman's Home Companion, Ten years of Dr Welch. — Aug 1934
Folder 163/69Yale Obit Rec, William Henry Welch B.A. 1870, also TMs and questionnaire completed Senator F. C. Walcott. — ?1934
Folder 163/70Unidentified TMs obituary (?? Flexner). — n.d.

Sub-series XIV/B:
Biographical correspondence with Flexner for biography

Flexner's annotations re correspondence are italicized. [ ] indicates added comments or material.

Folder 164/1Abbott, Alexander C., 1935 Prudden's cases- were they scarlet fever or diphtheria?
Folder 164/2Abbott, CG, 1940 Inquiry and response on grants-in-aid for scientific research from the Smithsonian
Folder 164/3Ames, Joseph S., 1934 President of Johns Hopkins requests that Flexner become official biographer Welch: his character and interests; notes
Folder 164/4Baetjer, Edwin G., 1935 Letter to Baetjer requesting his recollections of Major Venable
Folder 164/5Baldwin, Helen, 1934-1935 Letter from Dr. Baldwin and replies about Miss Boynton
Folder 164/6Barker, Creighton, 1937 Request and reply on biographical information Welch, others. Barker writes from the CT State Medical Society
Folder 164/7Barker, Lewellys F., 1933-1939 Notes and recollections of Welch's final illness [copy letter Welch to Bayne Jones attached]; his supposed meeting with Pasteur; visiting the grave of Klebs in Berne Switzerland; correspondence re packet letters loaned by Barker: letter to Barker from Flexner in Oxford England; about statuette of Welch; inquiries re von Pirquet, professor pediatrics; notes re Henry Barton Jacobs dinner 1929
Folder 164/8Bayne, Helen, 1938 From NYU College of Medicine Library. Answer to inquiry on John Beach Isham, Andrew Jackson Fox
Folder 164/9Beaven, Albert W., 1939-1940 From and to President of Colgate-Rochester Divinity School about connection of Dr. Augustus Strong to Johns Hopkins Medical School
Folder 164/10Beers, Clifford W., 1933-1936 Offers Welch letters and sends one from Nat Committee Mental Hygiene, as secretary
Folder 164/11Begg, Alexander S., 1937 From MA Medical Society inquiry and answer re John W. Bidwell
Folder 164/12Bowman, Isaac, 1936 Re Welch and his smoking
Folder 164/13Boynton, Alice, 1935 Re Welch and use of alcoholic beverages
Folder 164/14Brewer, George E., 1936 Pupil of Welch's laboratory;[claims to be his 1st pupil at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine]
Folder 164/15Brockett, Paul, 1934 At National Academy of Sciences. Lists Welch's offices and committee memberships
Folder 164/16Bronson, Frances P.(Mrs. Elliott B.), 1936 Inquiry and reply about her grandfather's school, Winchester Institute, which Welch attended. Her grandfather was Ira Pettibone. Includes photostat of school advertizement
Folder 164/17Brown, Thomas R., 1939 Reminiscences of Welch [Includes note re visiting him in hospital, his reluctance to have stenographer present]
Folder 164/18Buckler, William H., 1937-1938 Newspaper photostats about his becoming President of Johns Hopkins in 1913 (he did not); [other, including banquet photo Welch ?occasion, and letter from daughter Lucy (Buckler) Seymer]
Folder 164/19Burgess, Perry, 1936 President of American Leprosy Foundation, feels Welch deserves credit as formulator and was on its medical advisory board
Folder 164/20Burket, Walter C., 1937 Reminiscences and 23 page essay on Welch, also poem by Burket's wife
Folder 164/21Cannon, William B., 1937-1938 About some Welch letters; writes from Harvard Med School; letters from Samuel Eliot re address for Eliot's father's 100th birthday. Excerpts Harvard catalog, entrance requirements. Inquires about Welch address on "Ether Day" at MA General Hosp in 1896
Folder 164/22Carr, Walter Lester, 1930-1939 Copy Carr's remarks at Welch Med Soc of Bellevue Hosp Oct 17 1930. Also letter from J.Railing, secretary to Dr. Carr
Folder 164/23Chesney, Alan M., 1939-1941 Biographic sketch Welch prepared for dedication Library Oct 10 1929. Inquires why Hopkins Hospital built on pavilion plan. Reply to inquiry on Welch's lectures and correspondence on appointment Dr. Lotsy as Fellow by courtesy in Pathology; list of students in first course pathology offered. Inquiry and answer on Prof. Burdon Sanderson; dates of construction Hunterian Lab. Correspondence re establishment new Department Preventive Medicine. Letter and reply on von Pirquet; and re Miss Garrett's gift to University, and her portrait. [Copy 1934 letter Chesney to Frost re Advisory Board authorizing Flexner's biography]
Folder 164/24Coe, Henry C., n.d. Reminiscences and additional notes on Welch by Coe, sent by Burket
Folder 164/25Cohen, Barnett, 1936 Archivist Society American Biologists; re Welch part in securing Leeuwenhoek film
Folder 164/26Cole, Rufus M., 1936 From Hospital of Rockefeller Inst Med Research about Welch letters, [re influenza epidemic 1918] and essay on Welch as bibliophile
Folder 164/27Collin, Frederick, 1937-1939 Obituary, biography of Henry Clark Collin from his nephew Frederick. Inquiry and reply about Frederick Dennis. Inquiries re letter of Welch's mother
Folder 164/28Corner, George W., 1935 From University of Rochester School Medicine re letter from Welch
Folder 164/29Cort, Edwin C., 1937 Letter and reply from Chiengmai, Siam. Anecdote re Welch lecturing when some matches ignited in his vest pocket: students presented him with a gold matchbox
Folder 164/30Cullen, Thomas S., 1934-1936 Answering letter telling amusing stories about Welch [including one re his aunt]
Folder 164/31Curtiss, Philip, 1937-1939 Notes, seem to be corrections of another ms re Welch. Letters re trip to Norfolk CT Welch's birthplace. Questions about Norfolk music festivals, rural life. Answers on Welch's education and family
Folder 164/32Cushing, Harvey, 1937 Refers to the Lister address of Cushing's. Relates story about Welch's visit to Norfolk CT. Inquiry if Yale had medical library in 1850
Folder 164/33-37Cushing, Harvey, 1934 TMs, partial, for Welch Memorabilia, Vols 1-4
Folder 164/38Davenport, Charles B., 1936 About Board of Scientific Directors of Eugenics Record Office. Welch recommended Llewellys Barker for the job
Folder 164/39Davis, Irene M., 1938 Registrar of Johns Hopkins replies re course pathology by Welch 1885-1890
Folder 164/40Davis, S. Griffith, 1936 About letters from Welch in 1920 re Morton
Folder 164/41Derby, George, 1937 Re ancestors of Welch and the first of these in America, Phillip Welch
Folder 164/42Doran, Catherine A., 1939 re Welch and Milbank Memorial Fund
Folder 164/43Doull, J.A., 1935-1936 Letter from a former protege of Welch 44. Downey, Hugh J., 1937 Inquiry for information on Dr. John Welch Bidwell; no information found
Folder 164/45Farmer, Harold, 1936 Sends copy Welch letter nominating 3 Americans for a plaque at Royal College Physicians London
Folder 164/46Farrand, Max, 1936 Stories Welch visit to Huntington Library 1930. [enc: memo from Sherburn]
Folder 164/47Finley, John, 1935 Enc: copy letter Dr. Kinsolving that Welch was not hostile to subject of religion
Folder 164/48Flexner, Abraham, 1934-1936 On Welch's friendship with Dr. Buttrick, anecdotes and lengthy reminiscences (14pp); report of sanitary commission to Secretary of Navy, Jun 1917, on the hospital ship Solace
Folder 164/49Fosdick, Raymond, 1941 On Welch fellowships
Folder 164/50Francis, William W., 1936-1941 Information [re Osler and full-time controversy];and re book commented on by Welch
Folder 164/51Fraser, Francis R., 1938 Answers to questions about British postgraduate medical schools
Folder 164/52Freeman, Allen W., 1936 Lengthy personal memories Welch, mostly trip to Europe with him in 1924, especially to Scandinavia (31pp) [also re last illness]
Folder 164/53Fulton JF, 1936 [William Welch and the history of experimental medicine, TMs of address at meeting Welch Society New York University College Medicine Dec 6 1935]
Folder 164/54Gage, Simon H., 1935 About Flexner's work on Dr. Theobald Smith
Folder 165/1Gates, Alice Welch (Mrs. Andrew F. Gates), 1939 Personal memories from Mrs. Gates, a cousin to Welch
Folder 165/2Gilbert, W. M., 1935 Re Welch and Carnegie Institute of Washington
Folder 165/3Gilman, Elizabeth, 1936-1937 Asks for and receives replies on her memories of Welch's association with her father; she remembers personally his having helped her word a protest about Sacco and Vanzetti; Welch's love of baseball
Folder 165/4Greene, Jerome D., 1935-1939 Inquiry re Welch's letter to Dr. Eliot of Harvard, declining invitation to give Ingersoll lecture; also asks for copy wording of honorary degree awarded Welch by Harvard in 1900. Correspondence re Rockefeller and JP Morgan gifts to Harvard, gift of Col. O. H. Payne to Cornell
Folder 165/5Gregg, Alan, 1939-1941 Inquiries about Rockefeller Foundation grants and endowments; also re Welch's speech at University of Cincinnati at installation of Dr. Christian Holmes as Dean of Medicine
Folder 165/6Griswold, B. Howell, 1940 Story re Welch's lack of concern about money
Folder 165/7Gunn, Selskar M., 1940 Asks Gunn about Welch's flying experience and if he had a pilot's license
Folder 165/8Hale, George E., 1934 Reminiscences of Dr Welch from association in National Academy Sciences
Folder 165/9Hanrahan, Edward M. Jr., 1937 Sends article on Welch he presented to Osler Club; also note from Dr. Lawrason Brown
Folder 165/10Hartwell, John F., 1934, 1937 Opinions and information on Dr. Frederick S. Dennis as a surgeon and as boyhood friend Welch
Folder 165/11Heimendahl, Bessie (Mrs W. E.), n.d. Tells of Mrs. and Miss Simmons with whom Welch boarded, and her own assumption of boarding house after Miss Simmons death
Folder 165/12Herold, Justin, 1940 About photo and lecture notes of Welch [at Bellevue]: Herpel, F. K., n.d., [Member of Johns Hopkins class of 1916, re Welch as teacher in pathology]
Folder 165/13Hirschfelder, Arthur D., 1936 Inquiry and reply re any Welch letters to him or his father
Folder 165/14Hoffman, Joseph K., 1937 Request and reply about some newspaper clippings and list of books of Welch [anecdote re Welch return from 1915 trip]
Folder 165/15Howard, Charles McH., 1940 About scattering the ashes of Major Venable in Wyman Park
Folder 165/16Howard, William T., 1938 Inquiry and reply re Welch letters
Folder 165/17Howell, William H., 1936-1941 Inquiry about reminiscences from another former Dean; also re Prof. Burdon- Sanderson, von Pirquet, and Welch's studies of bacteriology in 1884-5 with Ludwig in Germany
Folder 165/18Hume, Edward H., 1935 Reminiscences of a former student, the son of a Welch Yale classmate; Welch's visit to China, and his last visit to New York; 2 poems by Welch
Folder 165/19Johnson, Emma J. (Mrs. J. Helmsley Johnson), 1935 Inquiries about Welch, and she loans SF two letters
Folder 165/20Johnson, George T., 1937 Re drug stores operated in Norfolk CT for Welch family of doctors; interview by SF
Folder 165/21Joyce, Temple N., 1937 Inquiry about aviator [pilot] license 22. Karsner, Howard T., 1935 Reminiscences Welch
Folder 165/23Kellogg, Charlotte (Mrs. Vernon Kellogg), 1935-1937 Poem "The Beloved Doctor", other correspondence
Folder 165/24Kellog, Elizabeth (Mrs. Frederick S. Kellogg), 1936-1940 Has sent a lot of Welch materials, writes own reminiscences [major source family information]
Folder 165/25Kelly, Dr. Howard A., 1939 Asks for reminiscences of Welch and about "the full-time question"
Folder 165/26Keogh, Andrew, 1937 Re library facilities at Yale 1850-70
Folder 165/27Kingsbury, John A., 1930-1935 Copy form letter of thanks for Welch 80th birthday celebration, list those who attended, essay on planning celebration. Memo on luncheon given by SF for Kingsbury and Freeburg at Rockefeller Inst Nov 8 1934
Folder 165/28Klebs, Dr. Arnold C., 1937-1938 Asks about Welch's speech [on Boerhaave] at Int Cong Hist Med 1927; [also re Oxford]
Folder 165/29Komora, Paul O., 1941 Re Welch and National Committee for Mental Hygiene
Folder 165/30Larkey, Sanford V., 1930 On cinchona
Folder 165/31Leake, Chauncey D., 1936 Re Welch's visit to California
Folder 165/32Learned, Rev. Dwight W., 1934 Re Welch's boyhood home in Connecticut
Folder 165/33Licht, Sidney, 1936 Re lecture by Welch on medical history in NYC Dec 1928; and re notebook on his pathology lectures at Bellevue
Folder 165/34Lohman, Carl A., 1937-1939 Re Yale in the 1870's
Folder 165/35Longcope, Warfield T., 1933-1935 Letter and essay on Welch's last illness
Folder 165/36Macauley, P. Stewart, 1938, 1941 Re Miss Garrett's gifts to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Folder 165/37-38MacCallum, William G., 1934-1941 Letters, essays and reminiscences of Welch: information on some of his addresses on pathology, on pathologydepartment, and on Welch's method of training [students]
Folder 165/39Mackall, Leonard L., 1936 Bibliographical Soc America. Re book by Petrarch open in front of Welch in [Sargent] painting "The Four Doctors"
Folder 165/40Malloch, Archibald, 1939 Re [Alexander C. Abbott's] training in Germany in 1889
Folder 165/41McCrae, Thomas, 1935 Reminiscences Welch, [including his gout]
Folder 165/42McKinley, E. B., n.d. [Re 20 year acquaintance Welch]
Folder 165/43McClean, Franklin C., 1940 Re China and Peking Union Medical College; association with Roger S. Greene
Folder 165/44Nicholson, John R., 1936 Reminiscences classmate Yale 1870
Folder 165/45Noble, [Major General] Robert E., 1935 Re Welch's services to medical division War Department during war
Folder 165/46Norwich, New York, [postmaster] 1940 Inquiry re population in 1870 and now, reply by Hugh M Bulger, postmaster
Folder 165/47Nuttall, George H. F., 1936-1937 Reminiscences of Welch's visits to Cambridge, England, including for honorary degree: obituary of Nuttall London Times 1937
Folder 165/48Oliver, John R., 1938 Re early days in department history of medicine; also mentions Drs. Sigerist and D'Irsay
Folder 165/49Opie, Eugene L., 1939 Notes on Welch, [including admission criteria and teaching of medical students in early years Johns Hopkins School of Medicine]
Folder 165/50Park, Edwards A., 1936 Story of letter from Welch to Halsted [re umbrella]; letter written in doggerel Latin, ? copied from Sallust
Folder 165/51Paton, Stewart, 1939 Pencilled notes and transcript on Welch and his character
Folder 165/52Patrick, Hugh T., 1932 Re Welch teaching pathology at Bellevue
Folder 165/53Pepper, William, 1937 Re history Muller chair research at University of Pennsylvania
Folder 165/54Pierce H.F., n.d. Welch trip to China, other anecdotes
Folder 165/55Pierson, G.W., 1939 Re history of Yale, esp. in 1870's
Folder 165/56Pritchett, Henry S. and Mrs. Eva Pritchett, 1935 Re Welch in California
Folder 166/1Rappleye, Willard C., 1940 Re date agreement Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University NYC
Folder 166/2Reining, Robert R., 1937 Asks Department of Commerce if Welch had pilot's license? [none recorded]
Folder 166/3Reynolds, Charles R., [Surgeon General] 1935 Re Welch's military service
Folder 166/4Riley, Robert H., 1936-1939 Director MD State Dept Health: encl. TMs essay Ford W. W., The public health work of Dr. William H. Welch: also letter re hog cholera
Folder 166/5Robinson, G. Canby, 1935 Re memories Welch's kindness to students; comments by SF; encl reprint by Robinson from Chinese Med J Sep 1935
Folder 166/6Rockefeller, John D., Jr. and Mrs. (Abby), 1933-1941 Re correspondence JDR Sr with Osler; reminiscences of Welch by JDR Jr; asks Mrs R re Welch's interest in Chinese art
Folder 166/7Roen, Paul B., 1939 Re picture Welch with Mary Pickford
Folder 166/8Root, Grace (Mrs. Edward W.), 1934, 1935 Re Welch's association with her father-in-law Elihu Root
Folder 166/9Rous, Peyton, 1935-1942 Reminiscences Welch, and information re Aldred Warthin at University of Michigan
Folder 166/10Ruskin, Sophia, 1936 She has autographed portrait drawing of Welch by S. J. Woolf
Folder 166/11Russell, Frederick F., 1935-1941 Recollections Welch, his investments, travels in Europe, visits to Army camps, and public health career
Folder 166/12Sabin, Florence R., 1933-1939 Re full time movement, including chapter on it in her book re Mall; TMs interview with Welch 1933; anecdote re Welch in China
Folder 166/13Sarton, George, 1934 Sends letters Welch; adds anecdote of visit to him in 1930
Folder 166/14Sewall, Henry, 1934 Re Welch's kindness when he was a resident at Johns Hopkins; possible use of aluminum nasal spray for polio; antivivisection
Folder 166/15Shriver, Alfred J., 1936-1937 Sends Welch letter and tells story Welch quoting Pope on broccoli
Folder 166/16Sigerist, Henry E., 1937-1938 Re visits with Welch to Leiden, Leipzig in 1927; photostats Johns Hopkins Circular 1927-28 re new history of medicine department
Folder 166/17Sigerist, Henry E., 1919-1934 Correspondence collected by Sigerist re photos of Welch in photography folders
Folder 166/18Smith, Edric B., 1938-1939 Re J Experimental Medicine
Folder 166/19Smith, Theobald, 1934 Congratulates Smith on book, asks for recollections of Welch
Folder 166/20Smith, Winford H., 1937 Recollections of Welch's character and methods in committees
Folder 166/21Steiner, Walter R., 1937 Re medical libraries in 19th century at Yale and in Litchfield County
Folder 166/22Stengel, Alfred, 1938 Re origins of William Pepper laboratory at University of Pennsylvania
Folder 166/23Stiles, Charles W., 1935 Sends copies of Welch letters and describes work on meat inspection for Dept. Agriculture
Folder 166/24Stoeckel, Robbins B., 1934 Re William Wickham Welch as last Welch physician practising in Norfolk
Folder 166/25Stoeckel, Nelly (Mrs. Carl), 1937 Report of conversation with SF; she and Welch shared same desk in school: "The most unflattering recollections of any correspondence."
Folder 166/26Strong, Richard P., 1939 Re League of Red Cross Societies: encl: Red Cross pamphlets 1926, 1937, 1939
Folder 166/27Surgeon General US Army, 1936 Re Distinguished Service medal
Folder 166/28Ten Broeck, Carl, 1938, 1941 Re hog cholera study
Folder 166/29Thomas, M. Carey, 1934 Re Welch's role in admission of women students to School of Medicine; Miss Garrett's gift; Bryn Mawr
Folder 166/30Viets, Henry R., 1939 Query re Welch's speech at Leiden Jul 1937 re Boerhave
Folder 166/31Vincent, George E., 1935 Personal memories Welch
Folder 166/32Waite, F.C., 1938 Re memorial address on John L. Woods by Jarvis M.Adams at Western Reserve University Oct 1893 33. Walcott, Frederick C., 1933-1941 Re Welch's last illness, copy medical diagram by Young; notes re investments, family
Folder 166/34Walcott, William S. and Mrs. Marie Walcott, 1935 Family reminiscences Welch and his father William Wickham Welch
Folder 166/35Walker, W. Bradford 1937 Re physician cousins of Welch
Folder 166/36Walter, Valerie H., 1936 Sends copy letter from Welch
Folder 166/37Weed, Lewis H., 1930-1940 Includes TMs copy talk by Weed for Welch's 80th birthday; also his activities at School of Hygiene and as dean and Secretary of medical faculty
Folder 166/38Wesson, Miley B., 1941 Former medical student, re Welch's help to him in Army during World War
Folder 166/39Whipple, George H., 1937-1941 Re Welch and students in pathology department; full-time faculty; other
Folder 166/40Williams, Huntington, 1936-1939 Re Welch's public health career in Baltimore; (encl): TMs booklets Ford WW, The public health work of Dr. William H. Welch, 1930; Fulton JS, Dr. Welch's usefulness to the State of Maryland 1914: other pamphlets public health
Folder 166/41Wilmer, William H., 1935 Recommends publisher, Mr. Meyers; also recollections Welch fund raising
Folder 166/42Winslow, C. E. A., 1937-1939 Re Welch's meeting with Pasteur in 1885-did it really happen? also Yale Dept. Public Health
Folder 166/43Winternitz, Milton C., 1937 Re Welch and students in pathology School of medicine; gold matchbox incident
Folder 166/44Wood, Francis C., 1936-1940 Re talk by Welch at meeting Columbia University alumni 1926; also re Frank Hartley, surgeon; Dr. Francis Delafield and malaria parasite
Folder 166/45Wood, R. W., 1934 Anecdote re Welch and Halsted
Folder 166/46Wright, Almroth, 1937 Anecdote re Welch quotation
Folder 166/47Zinsser, Hans, n.d. Excerpt from memoir on Theobald Smith, mentioning Welch's character

Sub-series XIV/C:
Biographical information on associates, contemporaries of Welch
Folder 167/1Abbott, Alexander C. 1860-1935 - 2 obituaries (obits) and bibliography
Folder 167/2Abel, John Jacob 1857-1938 - 2 obits: reprint tribute by Geiling EMK, Scient Monthly 34;182-186. — Feb 1932
Folder 167/3Albutt, Sir Clifford 1836-1925 - obit
Folder 167/4Babinski, Joseph F. F. 1857-1932 - Fulton J, Arch Neur Psych 29:168-174. — Jan 1933
Folder 167/5Bailey, Solon Irving 1854-1931 - Cannon, AJ, Nat Acad Sci Biog Mem 15:193-203. — 1932
Folder 167/6Baldwin, James Mark 1861-1934 - anon. tribute on 70th birthday in South Carolina and its builders. — 1930
Folder 167/7Belfield, William T. 1856-1919 - TMs biog. notes by Hektoen and ? Henry Gradle. — n.d.
Folder 167/8Biggs, Hermann M. 1859-1923 - special issue, multiple authors Health News NY State Dept Health 18:157-184. — Jul 1923
Folder 167/9Billings, John S. 1838-1913 - Mitchell SW, Nat Acad Sci Biog Mem 8:374-383,1917; tributes by FH Garrison and account of memorial meeting for JSB. — Apr 25 1913
Folder 167/10Billroth, Theodor 1829-1894 - Sunderman FW, in journal issue, Theodor Billroth as a musician, Bull Med Library Assoc 25:209-220,1937 annotated by SF, contains quotes Welch
Folder 167/11Bowditch, Henry Pickering 1840-1911 - address by Cannon WB Science 87:471-474. — May 1938
Folder 167/12Brödel, (Broedel) Max 1870-1941 - tribute "Broedel portrait", JHU Gazette, Feb 1938: editorial, JAMA 1938
Folder 167/13Carnegie, Andrew 1835-1919 - Conant JB, Science 82:599-603. — Dec 1935
Folder 167/14Chandler, Charles Frederick 1836-1925 - Bogert MT, Nat Acad Sci Biog Mem 14, no. 5:124-181. — 1931
Folder 167/15Clark, Admont Halsey 1888-1918 - TMs 2 biog sketches, one by Jewett FG. — both n.d.
Folder 167/16Clarke, Frank Wigglesworth 1847-1931 - Dennis LM, Nat Acad Sci Biog Mem 15, no. 4:136-165. — 1932
Folder 167/17Councilman, William Thomas 1854-1933 - Cushing H, Nat Acad Sci Biog Mem 18, no. 7:157-174,1937: also orbit in Bull JHH 53:159-161. — 1933
Folder 167/18Cullen, Thomas S. 1868-1953 - Program testimonial dinner on 70th birthday, Nov 19 1938, Baltimore; quotes re Welch pp.18, 30
Folder 167/19Curtis, John Green 1844-1913 - Lee FS, Columbia University Quarterly 16:54-57. — Dec 1913
Folder 167/20Cushing, Harvey W. 1869-1939 - Fulton JF, Scientif Mthly 49:447-479, 1939: Arnold Klebs and Harvey Cushing 1931, Bull Hist Med 8:332-53:1940: editorial - Dr. Harvey Cushing, Yale U Lib Gazette 14:32-40,1940; other tributes, press clippings and review of his book The Medical Career
Folder 167/21Dana, Edward Salisbury 1849-1935 - 2 obits,(r) Knopf S.A., Nat Acad Sci Biog Mem 18 no. 15:347-365. — 1937
Folder 167/22Darwin, Charles 1809-1882 - memoir, Ashworth JH, Nature ?vol:1011-1014. — Dec 1935
Folder 167/23Dennis, Frederic S. 1851-1934 - In memoriam, Knopf SA, McLeod JK, Silver HM, Med Record. — May 2 1934
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