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Nano Kathleen Foote Kennedy Collection

  • Creator: Kennedy, Nano Kathleen Foote (1892 - 1986)

  • Collection Date: 1914-1916

  • Extent: 0.2 cubic feet



Nano Kathleen Foote was born in Owego, New York in 1892. She was a member of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Training School for Nurses graduating class of 1916. She died in 1986 in New York.

Hopkins Affiliations

1913 - 1916 Johns Hopkins Hospital Training School for Nurses, student

Scope and Content

The Nano Kathleen Foote Kennedy Collection consists of two bound volumes of her student notebooks. Lecture Notes include Urinalysis, Dr. Miller; Gynecology, Dr. Richardson and Dr. Hunner; Anaethesia, Dr. Reid; Constitutional Diseases, Dr. Austrian; Pediatrics, Dr. Blackfan; Obstetrics, Dr. Millia, includes questions for an exam; Obstetrical Nursing, Miss Ramsay; Psychiatry, Dr. Thompson and Dr. Hall; Public Health, Miss Lent; Infectious Diseases, Dr. Austrian.

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