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The legacy of William Osler is perpetuated in his writing, and in the frequency with which he is quoted by others. The full-text of a selection of Osler's writings are presented here for the reader. The textual content has been reproduced from publications and editions for which the copyright has expired. While these online publications are available under the Fair Use Provision, we retain copyright protection for these editions.


Aequanimitas, And Other Addresses.

This volume of eighteen addresses begins with Osler's renowned valedictory address, Aequanimitas, delivered to the graduates in medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, May 1, 1889.

An Alabama Student and Other Biographical Essays.

A collection of thirteen biographical essays, originally delivered as addresses. They are devoted to the great men of the medical profession. One half of the essays relate to physicians of the United States.

The Old Humanities and the New Science.

The presidential address delivered before the Classical Association, Oxford, May 16, 1919.

Note: Other books and essays will be added to this site in the coming weeks.

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