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Photographs of William Osler
with Colleagues and Friends






Osler with Colleagues and Friends


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Go out among your fellows, and learn of them. W.O.

Osler with his first two residents, Henri LaFleur (in rocker) and William S. Thayer, and his nephew, W.W. Francis, 1891.

This photograph was taken in LaFleur's room at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. 


Respect your colleagues.

In the Doctors Dining Room, 1891

Osler is seated with his nephew, W.W. Francis, at the far table.


Godliness-- Sobriety-- Respectability.  W.O.

"The Fates"

This photograph of the triumvirate - William S. Halsted, William Osler, and Howard A. Kelly, resonates with the power of their characters and personalities. Dubbed "The Fates," this image is extracted from a group portrait of the house staff. The three subjects inscribed various copies of the photograph as the three fates of mythology who control human destiny and life - Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. One such inscription reads - "The Fates: W. S.  Atropos; Wm. Lachesis; Howard A. Clotho."

In the continual remembrance of a glorious past individuls and nations find their noblest inspiration. W.O.

Osler with the American delegation to the Tuberculosis Congress visiting the grave of  P.C.A. Louis, Montparnasse, Paris, 1905



The best that is known and taught in the world-- nothing less can satisfy a teacher worthy of the name. W.O.

Left to right: John Collins Warren,
Henry Bowditch, and William Osler, at Brookline, Mass.,1909

John C. Warren succeeded his father as full professor of anatomy and surgery at Harvard Medical School and is associated with the founding of the Massachusets General Hospital. Henry Bowditch served as dean of Harvard Medical School from 1883-1893 and is credited along with Warren's father with a major expansion of the Harvard Medical School campus.

Every fifth year, back to the hospital, back to the laboratory, for renovation, rehabilititation, rejuvenation, reintegration, resuscitation, etc. W.O.


With colleagues in the dissecting room, circa 1913

To know just what has to be done, then to do it, comprises the whole philosophy of practical life. W.O.

Osler with Drs. Thomas Boggs, Thomas B. Futcher and Arthur M. Shipley at Baltimore City Hospitals, 1913


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