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One signed copy reads, "Bacterially yours, William Osler"

The Apotheosis of William Osler

This caricature of William Osler elevates him to holy status as he sweeps away disease with cyclonic force. The title, The Saint -- Johns Hopkins Hospital, is a play upon Osler’s frequent reference to the hospital as ‘the St. Johns’. The caricature, done in 1896, is by Max Broedel, the renowned medical illustrator.


'There's always an extra place at the table at seven.'

"The Open Arms"

Students and residents were frequent guests at Osler's Baltimore home on the corner of Franklin and Charles Streets.

"T.B.F.'s key to Dr. Osler's house, 1 W. Franklin St., "The Open Arms'"

A Latchkey

This is one of the keys that Osler provided students for access to the library at his home.

(Gift of Palmer Futcher, M.D.)

The papers of Dr William Welch contain his copy of this menu, featuring pink carnations hand-painted on silk.  A.  This was a farewell dinner to Osler. B.

Dinner Program

Dinner for Secretary of War William H. Taft and
Dr. William Osler given by Mr. William A. Marburg, Baltimore, March 1905

A) Howard A. Kelly's program for the Taft-Osler dinner, handpainted on silk. B) The frontispiece to the program, engraved with hand-painted flags.
(From the Howard A. Kelly Papers)

The Osler Vase

This vase is inscribed as follows: "To Dr. William Osler From the Third and Fourth Year students of the Johns Hopkins Medical School
as an expression of their affection and in acknowledgment of his profound and stimulating influence upon themselves. May 13, 1905"


"Long may his eye be keen, his touch to feel the spleen, To auscultate the Queen ..."  anonymous
Song "Our Regius Prof."

Comic tribute to Osler presented at
farewell dinner, May 20, 1905.

Osler's wit and practical joking were well known. This irreverent tribute shows the warm and affectionate regard of his colleagues.



" 'Pon my soul, I wonder if the jokes on me!")

From an unidentified Baltimore newspaper, 1905

In February 1905 Osler delivered a valedictory address, "The Fixed Period", at Johns Hopkins. Whereas the address was warmly received by the university community it was widely criticized in the press. In the talk Osler jokingly elaborated on his belief that man's best work was completed by his fortieth year and that the individual and the world would best be served by retirement after the sixtieth year. 


Gentleman, -- Farewell, and take with you into the struggle the watchword of the good old Roman -- Aequanimitas. W.O.

Osler Coat of Arms

When the baronetcy was conferred upon Osler in 1911, he chose the beaver and fleur-de-lis to symbolize his Canadian heritage. The fish, Cornish pilchards, pay tribute to his seafaring ancestors from Falmouth. The "red hand of Ulster" below the head of armor is the sign of the baronet, and the motto was his own maxim, "∆quinimitas."

The inscription on the stamp reads: "The System of Medicine. Traite de Medicine." The coloring is dark and light blue, and chestnut.

Canada's Osler stamp. Date of issue, June 23, 1969

Thirty-five million Osler stamps were printed by the British American Bank Note Co., of Ottawa, the originators of the design. The six-cent stamp celebrated the 50th anniversary of the year in which Osler died.

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