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Portraits of William Osler and Family







William Osler and Family

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"...You will like Mrs. Osler very much. She is an old friend of mine. I feel very safe." W.O.

Grace Revere Osler in court dress, 1911

William Osler married Grace Revere of Boston,
widow of Samuel W. Gross, M.D., of  Philadelphia, on May 7, 1892.


"For the remainder of Osler's life, this boy Revere, the source of his greatest happiness-- and whose loss was his greatest sorrow-- was uppermost in his father's mind..." Harvey Cushing. The Life of Sir William Osler"

Edward Revere Osler,  born December 28, 1895


"...The boy thrives." W.O.

Father and son, 1898

This photograph appears in the Cushing biography with Osler's inscription,
"And on his shoulders, not a lamb, a Kid!"

Avoid wine and women-- choose a freckle-faced firl for a wife; they are invariably more amiable. W.O.

The Osler family in their Oxford garden,
circa 1906



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