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The following letters are from the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives. Although William Osler's papers are at the Osler Library at McGill University, there is a small selection of correspondence from Osler in the holdings of the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives.

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Letter from Osler to Judge Henry D. Harlan, President of the Johns Hopkins Hospital
Board of Trustees. July 3, 1904

In this letter Osler offers to place his salary at the disposal of the trustees of the Johns Hopkins Hospital for the next ten years, to offset financial losses the Hospital suffered in the aftermath of the devastating 1904 fire in Baltimore.

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Letter from Osler to Dr. William S. Halsted,
August 6, 1904
(From the William S. Halsted Collection)

Osler informs Halsted of his decision to accept the Regius Professorship at Oxford University.


Letters from the Henry Barton Jacobs Collection within the William Osler Papers


Henry Barton Jacobs, M.D. and his wife, Mary Frick Garrrett Jacobs, were closely associated with Johns Hopkins Hospital and were close friends of the Oslers. The William Osler correspondence to Dr. Jacobs spans the years 1893 -1919. Osler's lively letters share news related to their common interests in medicine and Johns Hopkins, and many mutual friends. In addition Osler's passion for book collecting (especially of antiquarian medical texts) is clearly evident.

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Letter to Dr. Henry B. Jacobs, Jan 11, 1909

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In this buoyant but brief letter from Paris, Osler gives a glowing account of his newly finished portrait, painted by Seymour Thomas. He speaks of the "aeroplane" show by the Wrights and sums up his Parisian visit with his closing, T'is a great town -- lacks only trained nurses!


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Letter to Dr. Henry B. Jacobs
February 24, 1909
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In this chatty letter postmarked Rome, Osler writes, We are working hard here but there is so much to see... Hospitals, villas, and the temple of Aesculapius. He closes the letter admitting that he had found a few good books, but disappointed not to find .. incunabula at every corner!


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Osler to Jacobs, July 15, 1910

Osler examines the British Museum's Vesalius.




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