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Moving Image and Sound Collections

The Medical Archives maintains a collection of over 1,500 reels of motion picture film, 7,000 video tapes, and 8,000 audiotapes and discs. 

Moving images mostly represent productions created within the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions for clinical, diagnostic, educational, or documentary purposes. Also included are personal film collections from faculty and staff associated with Johns Hopkins, moving images originating from individual departments, and commercially produced medical and educational films transferred from the circulating audiovisual collection at the Johns Hopkins Welch Medical Library. Sound recordings include interviews, broadcast recordings, lectures and symposia, and recordings of other events at Johns Hopkins such as dedications, dinners, and ceremonies.

Highlights of the Moving Image Collections

Additional selected moving images may be viewed at the Medical Archives' YouTube website.

Highlights of the Sound Recording Collections

Additional selected sound recordings may be heard at the Medical Archives' Soundcloud website.

Searching the Moving Image and Sound Collections

To search for cataloged moving image and sound recordings, use the advanced search option and select Type = moving image or Type = sound. Please contact the staff for more information about un-cataloged items. Privacy restrictions may apply to patient-related content.  Access copies can be provided for a fee.

Contact us for information on un-cataloged items