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The Johns Hopkins Hospital

The Johns Hopkins Hospital officially opened on May 7, 1889. The hospital and the university were both incorporated (1867) and endowed (1873) by Mr. Johns Hopkins, a wealthy Quaker businessman. It was one of the first models of a teaching hospital, designed to unite functions of patient care with education and research. After selecting boards of trustees for the hospital and the university, Mr. Hopkins charged the boards with specific sets of guiding principles. On March 10, 1873 he wrote that the hospital must provide for "the indigent sick of this city and its environs, without regard to sex, age, or color, who may require surgical or medical treatment". His letter also specified that schools of nursing and medicine be established in conjunction with the hospital. Today The Johns Hopkins Hospital has evolved into one of the largest teaching hospitals in the country. It includes more than a dozen "mini-hospitals" and centers, 37 buildings, 226 separate clinical services and 977 licensed beds. Currently a major expansion of hospital facilities is underway on the East Baltimore Campus.

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