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Fine and Decorative Arts


A wide range of nineteenth and twentieth century artists are represented in the collection. Thousands of works of fine arts adorn the public spaces of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, including works by major figures such as John Singer Sargent, Cecilia Beaux, William Merrit Chase, Joyce Scott, Grace Hartigan, Wolf Khan, Dahlov Ipcar, and Kenneth Noland.

Painting of the Trapper's Bride by Miller
The Trapper's Bride by Alfred Jacob Miller, 1841.
Oil on canvas 35 in x 21 in

Portrait Collection of Johns Hopkins Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health

The collection includes over 300 commemorative portraits of individuals associated with the major health entities of Johns Hopkins – The Johns Hopkins Hospital, The Johns Hopkins Health System, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and the Johns Hopkins University schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health. The date range of the collection extends from the nineteenth century to the present. It is a growing collection with new portraits added each year. The portraits are widely distributed in the many buildings of the Johns Hopkins health divisions, including installations in boardrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, libraries, and some public corridors.

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Mary Elizabeth Garrett
Mary Elizabeth Garrett by John Singer Sargent, 1904.
Oil on canvas, 72 in x 40 in

Prints and drawings

The prints and drawings collection consists mainly of portraiture, scenes of the campus, still lifes, and abstract art. Artists represented include Giovanni Batista Piranesi, Gabrielle Clements, Richard Yardley, and prominent contemporary and local artists. In addition, there are series of public health posters collected by Johns Hopkins faculty in the course of their careers that document various countries’ public health campaigns, such as Russia (1920) and China (1970s).

Etching by Piranesi
Veduta del Pantheon D’Agrippa oggi Chiesa by Giovanni Batista Piranesi
18th Century, Etching, 28 in x 18 in

Sculpture, Plaques, and Relief Works

Sculpture in the collection ranges from the marble copy of Christus Consolator by Bertel Thorvaldsen to portrait busts of Johns Hopkins, William Halsted, William Olser, Adolf Meyer and other figures associated with the history of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

Click here to learn about the colorful sculpture in the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center created by set designer Robert Israel.

Great Ascension by Beverly Pepper
1984, Metal, 59 ft long

Antique Furnishings

Fine furnishings from the estates of individuals associated with the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions include furniture, textiles, silver, and decorative pieces. There are items from the homes of Johns Hopkins, William Halsted, William Osler, M. Carey Thomas, William Welch, Harriet Lane, and others. The furnishings are mainly on display in special areas or in use in board and reception rooms.

Osler Ornate Silver Vase
American Silver Three-Handled Trophy Cup, presented to William Osler by the third and fourth year students of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 1905 Manufactured by Reed and Barton

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