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Policy on Intellectual Property –
Copyright, Patents, and Trademarks

Guiding principle on fair use of archival holdings

The Medical Archives advocates fair and open intellectual use of its holdings as a primary means of advancing new knowledge. It is policy to make holdings accessible in terms of fair use whenever it is legally allowable. The Johns Hopkins University and The Johns Hopkins Hospital retain the rights to limit access to the current proprietary information of these two institutions.

Who owns the intellectual property of the archival collections?

The Johns Hopkins Hospital and The Johns Hopkins University possess intellectual ownership rights to most of the materials generated by the personnel of these institutions and other types of work for hire that are represented in the collections. In addition there are materials owned by institutions and individuals with no affiliation with Johns Hopkins.

Commitment to legal codes that protect rights to intellectual property

The Medical Archives require that archival patrons comply with the specific rights to the intellectual property of the archival materials that they intend to employ for fair use, for-profit use, or not-for-profit use. Patrons can apply for license to use JHMI intellectual property or permission to use JHMI holdings for purposes other than fair use.

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