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The Church Home & Hospital School of Nursing

In 1857 the Church Home and Infirmary was formed in Baltimore, Maryland as a joint hospital ministering to the poor and a home for elderly women. In 1894, under resident physician Dr. Frank Gavin's direction, the Church Home and Infirmary School for Nurses was founded in order to train nurses to care for its patients and residents.

Following the 1904 creation of the Maryland Board of Nursing Examiners, the school began its association with the Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing. Church Home nursing students took classes in psychiatry and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins as affiliate students. In 1912, Jane Evans Nash began her forty-year tenure as hospital nursing superintendent. Along with Margaret Elliott, director of nursing education, Nash reformed and modernized nursing education in the school.

In 1943, the name of the institution changed to Church Home and Hospital. The school became accredited in 1959 by the National League for Nursing. The Church Home and Hospital Board of Trustees voted to close its School of Nursing in 1976. Leaders from the Church Home and Hospital, the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Sinai Hospital formed the Consortium for Nursing Education in 1982 to plan the creation of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. In 2004, the Church Home and Hospital Nurses' Alumni Association merged with the Johns Hopkins Nurses' Alumni Association.

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